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Proof that I do get off the ground when I serve!  2016 Tahoe Open Mixed Doubles with my wife Kathy.

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My History:

I was not an athletic kid.  Active, sure, especially by today's standards, but never involved with 'official' sports.  I played one year of baseball when I was 10 or so, but otherwise I never participated in organized sports.  However, I played pick-up games of various sports on the block, at school, and rode bikes everywhere.  PE at my elementary school was pretty rudimentary.  I had many years of swimming lessons, otherwise I learned by doing.

As a sophomore in HS, at the age of 15, a friend and I wandered into the gym on the day my English teacher was organizing the very first ever Boys' school volleyball team.  Somehow I made the JV team, while my friend practiced with the Varsity and played JV.  3 years of HS volleyball changed my sporting life.  I've been playing at various levels since 1972.

I started coaching my kids' teams when they were 5: baseball, softball, and soccer.  Neither showed any interest in volleyball...  I eventually put together a team to play in the newly-formed Adult soccer league and played for 7 or 8 years before retiring with a championship.  As a volleyball player, I made a natural goalkeeper!

After retiring from soccer in 2003, my wife finally convinced me to turn to the Dark Side and play her sport: tennis.  I loved it so much that I got certified to teach recreational tennis, but haven't pursued this aspect just yet.

I started refereeing soccer in 1995, and have refereed AYSO, GBYSL (Club), and High School soccer since then, becoming a board member and soccer referee instructor for AYSO.    I have since mostly retired from soccer.

When my son became an adult, I came out of retirement and played his sport with him (soccer), and then he played my sport with me (volleyball).

When my kids moved away, I found DCPR Youth Volleyball and have been coaching my first true love ever since.  I saw a need for hands-on training and participation by players who play in the spring for DCPR but never get the opportunity to touch a ball until the run-up to try-outs for the middle school teams in November/December.  2013 was the pilot for the fall Youth Volleyball Skills Class, consisting of mostly 7th grade prospects, plus a handful of 8th grade hopefuls, and a 5th grade coach's daughter.  The program worked so well I expanded the 2014 Youth Volleyball Skills Classto include a longer session and more age groups.  I also added a 2014 Summer Volleyball Skills Clinicfor those who cannot wait!  2015 saw expansions of both the Summer Clinics and Skills Classes at the new Community Center.  At the end there were 47 girls and one boy in the fall program.

In 2014, I was asked to be Head Coach for the Douglas High School  Girls' Varsity Tennis team.  Retaining the existing coaching staff (Susan Cowan and Claudia Bowen, along with JoJo Townsell and GInny Unger), who had developed the team, I accepted the challenge.  Holding all 18 players who stuck out the Summer Conditioning, we managed to field a team, without the 5 seniors who graduated the previous spring.  Using all available resources and learning by trial and error, we managed to come in Second in Northern Regionals, then win against one southern Nevada team before finally earning second place in the State of Nevada for 2014.  In addition, the team won the 2014 State of Nevada Academic Championship for Girls' Tennis!

The 2015 DHS Girls' Tennis Team, with training and guidance from Ginny Unger and JoJo Townell, won the Northern Nevada Regional Championship with a perfect 14-0 record (beating Reno High School TWICE for the first and second time in school history), and we traveled to Las Vegas for the State Championships.  In addition to the team, one singles player and two doubles teams qualified for the State Individual Championships.  For the second year in a row, DHS qualified all 6 slots (3 singles and 3 doubles) as seeded teams, all of whom advanced to the second round in Northern Regionals!  Our starting doubles teams accumulated a 95-5 record on the year.

In 2015 I took over the coaching duties for the Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School 6/7 Grade Girls' Volleyball Team for the 2015-2016 season after assisting for two years.  Only time will tell...

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Proof that I get off the ground when I serve!

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